Driving Range & Practice Facilities

Driving Range Golf Mats

All Turf Driving Range & Mat Hitting Area

Our golf practice facilities offer one of Northern California's largest bremuda/rye hybrid grass driving range tee deck. Our beautiful range tee deck is 100+ yards in length, which provides plenty of space for players looking to focus on their game without being interupted by large groups of customers. Our spacious driving range also offers multiple artificial turf mats for beginning players that are focusing on swing balance and rotation.

Putting Green & Practice Bunker

Located at the left side of the driving range tee deck is our practice bunker. The bunker faces the short game target area on our driving range and provides players with targets that make sound feedback when they are successfully hit with a great shot. The putting green offers seven different practice hoiles and replicates the design and style of Tuscan Ridge's unique on course greens.

Putting and Practice Green

Driving Range Targets

The driving range has an assortment of hitting targets they are extremely visible. Down the center of the range are yellow yardage signs. The range also has seven color striped barber poles along with yardage stone located in the ground throughout the hitting deck that identifies the barber pole distances. Located in front of the grass hitting stations is a sonic sound feedback target for your pitching wedge. On the left side of the grass hitting deck is a short game area with mini barber pole targets.

Driving Range Amenities

The various amenities located on our driving range are:

  • Practice Mats
  • Bag Stands & Towels
  • Water Stations
  • Umbrellas and Outdoor Furniture
  • Sand & Seed Containters
  • Wooden Benches
  • Sound Feedback Targets
  • Practice Green & Bunker
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